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As the Director of Operations for this action-packed live entertainment traveling horse show, Kimball and his team helped to deliver a storyline illustrating a Roman gladiator's quest for freedom. "There are underlying tones of dark and light," Scenes are played out with beautiful, mystical moments as well as adrenaline-pumping acts like trick riding and mountainboarding, aerial presentations with incredible lighting, music, and special effects. Advanced technology utilizing digital mapping, and edgy entertainment values with horsemanship and uniquely exciting and moving horse and human performances. Kimball oversaw the entire operation including 75 horses representing 12 breeds, co-stars with 75 entertainers from around the world. logistics, installation, casting, hiring, movement, trick riders, acrobats, contortionists, La Garrucha artists, numerous tents including the main tent that sat 2500 guests. This amazing show was slated to visit 5 cities per year with a fleet of 65 semis.

"Carnivale Di Vita"
carnivale de vita.jpg

Kimball used his creative talent to write this show and develop it into a live production for fundraising galas. “Carnivale Di Vita’s” theme takes us on a journey back to the time period of the 1930s Euro-America, to a night of enchantment, mystery, fabulous entertainment including vaudeville, cabaret, circus, and carnival arts. A time of political incorrectness, Freaks of nature, illusion, spectacles for glare, the era of jazz…musical greats, and dances like the jitterbug, swing, and more.

Life in the 1930s brought hobos, Hooverville’s, new deal programs, promises, appeals to the young to stand behind Herbert Hoover the new president. It was a time of mystery and uncertainty, a time of hardship and restlessness.

We invite you to experience this fun-filled night through a dining experience like no other where you will interact with characters, artists, entertainers, and more…Dinner is a five-course gourmet meal served directly to your table.

Fee Hedrick Family Entertainment
scuba dog.jpg

With his years of live entertainment experience, Kimball was brought aboard this amazing project in conjunction with Mirage Entertainment and Fee-Hedrick Entertainment to help integrate the new pool into the live production. I spent 6 weeks consulting and was then asked to become the Executive Producer/GM.


This well-known theater is a hilarious hit production inspired by real-life events that will put a mountain feast in people’s bellies and a smile on their faces, as they watch a lively talent competition.


Kimball was instrumental in driving the overall show and taking on new projects like a brand new $300,000 dog kennel, infrastructure, new wardrobe, new elements, special effects, and safety.

We were also in creation mode to add a second show in Missouri.

New Show Development, Fee Hedrick Entertainment

Kimball, as an integral part of The Fee-Hedrick entertainment company, helped to lead the creative team for a brand-new project from inception, design, and the creative process. This new show was to be the newest live entertainment production to join The Fee Hedrick Family. The show was to have the latest emerging technologies for an incredible guest experience using AR, VR, and MR Projection mapping on tabletops as well as other facades including digital mapping in live production. 

 "National Enquirer Live"... Behind the Lens
nel live.jpg
bo guitar.jpg

Kimball was asked to come aboard this brand new immersive/interactive attraction as The Creative Director/GM and help the creative team tell the story behind the story of the tabloid that created an industry, The National Enquirer. Using his creative talent, Kimball was able to recreate several well-known crime scenes that rocked the World. Kimball was able to reproduce the Scott Peterson crime scene and johnboat, the JonBenet Ramsey bedroom, the Michael Jackson overdose, The OJ Simpson murders, the JFK conspiracy as well as other well-known tabloid stories, like Big Foot, Aliens, The Royal Family, and much more.   


This 20,000 square-foot attraction allows visitors to explore new National Enquirer exclusives on the stories that changed the course of history and includes about 100 exhibits. The immersive entertainment is incredible real-life using AR, VR, MR, and other new technology. Sadly, like many before it, The National Enquirer attraction became the victim of a lawsuit with Jeff Bezos and was forced to change its name to “Behind The Lens” and give up many of its tabloid artifacts. 

 Kimball Keller – Executive Producer/Director creator of this new show, The Bo Isaac Comedy Bluegrass Road Show, a traveling show that will have the audience in stitches with Bo's Comedy and his Kentucky Hills Bluegrass music. Visit the new show website at

You can visit our social media at Bo Isaac Bluegrass on Facebook.

Kimball produced Bo's radio show in 2019 and says Bo Isaac, a well-known Blue Grass Musician from Floyd County Kentucky in the hills of coal country hosted his Blue Grass Music Radio show weekly on Bo’s show featured current Blue Grass Music as well as a walk down memory lane with many original Blue Grass musicians, with a touch of Bo’s comedy, Blue Grass news and so much more.”

Chris “Bo” Isaac is a talented young man from the small coal-mining town of Wheelwright in Floyd County, Kentucky. Floyd County forms part of the “Country Music Highway” on US 23, designated as a National Scenic Byway. 

Kimball as The Executive Director/GM of The Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Feud worked day to day with Bo in this show and knew that we could really build a brand with Bo. We are currently working on several other projects including a traveling comedy & bluegrass roadshow with Bo and the production of a 3-day bluegrass festival, a documentary film, and a sitcom. Bo released two new albums (Dollar and Mountain Side of Me) in the Winter of 2022 and is set to release another new one in 2023 titled The Old Red Barn.

01 DollarBo Isaac and The Rounders
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Hee HawArtist Name
00:00 / 02:28
RAW Untouched Blizzard Backed.jpg

"Cale Moon"

     National Touring Country Entertainer

Kimball is helping manage this young man whose career is taking off. Cale has become one of the most versatile and hardest working entertainers in the industry, playing as a single artist or with full band, everything from small clubs to main stages, opening act to headliner, cowboy church to wineries and beer gardens. Cale is known for giving a show that is not just enjoyed, but remembered.  This guy is going places fast with his incredible music, he's a writer, multi-instrumentalist  and fantastic vocalist.   

DONT BE FOOLED - FM#1-6.mp3Cale Moon
00:00 / 03:07
He Knows - 10_8_19, 12.25 AMArtist Name
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Tweetsie Logo_Text Only_Color.png
Wild West Adventure with Engine No. 190.

Kimball Keller was brought in as The GM of Tweetsie Railroad, A Wild West Theme Park in Blowing Rock North Carolina. Tweetsie Railroad has a rich 63-year history as North Carolinas oldest theme park. Tweetsie is the home of two authentic narrow-gauge steam Locomotives, 12 and 190. 12 was used in the local area to transport freight, wood, and passengers and is actually 103 years old, it was also used in Alaska on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad between Alaska and Canada. 


The Theme park entertains thousands of folks every year from around the area and states nearby.  The park is known for its cowboys and comedy, train robberies, deer park, rides, and delicious fair food and novelties.  It has been a family favorite for many generations and is known World Wide. 


Kimball jumped in with both feet as the previous GM retired earlier in the year. I went right to work on working with my team to address major infrastructure issues that were crucial to the day-to-day operation of the entire park. I tackled oversight of a major power increase, a 400-foot rail improvement, ride, and park-wide safety and training, livestock housing improvements, purchase of six new horses for the show, leader of horse training to acclimate them to the loud noises associated with the cowboys, train robbery, and train operation.  I helped to tackle our Covid-19 response including early education, hand sanitizing stations, wiping down of rides, etc. signage, employee and guests' buy-in.  The Governor of North Carolina shut the state for the year, resulting in layoffs and a huge loss of revenue for Tweetise.  

Zoofari Parks


Kimball, As The Director of Park Operations for all Zoofari Parks, LLC.

  • Administer day-to-day operations of all 3 parks and laid the groundwork for the 4th park under development, scheduled to open in March of 2022.

  • Ensure each park complies with corporate vision and SOPs; incredible guest experience; policies are correctly interpreted and followed by all staff; parks maintain all safety standards with rides and follow best practices ASTM, AIMS, and IAAPA.

  • I created a new safety program and emergency action plan for each park from scratch and trained the entire company in HAZCOM, Fire Extinguisher use, and Blood Borne Pathogens. 

  • Redrafted and updated the company SOP, wrote 3 employee handbooks for each park, and implemented many ideas like checklists, streamlining operations, social media growth, safe operation, and efficient operation.

  • Developed and created 2 mascot characters for the company to be used at all parks, brand recognition, and retail sales.

Zoofari Parks, LLC owns and operates three zoological parks, Virginia Safari Park, Gulf Breeze Zoo, and Alabama Safari Park. A fourth park is in development in Dallas Texas. Conservation is fundamental in daily operations and guests to the parks are encouraged to join us in making a difference globally. Conservation programs are funded through the continued support of park guests. Zoofari Parks, LLC is privately owned and receives no state or federal tax support.

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