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Kimball Keller, ICAE
International Certified Attraction Executive




Let's do something crazy and build something totally awesome!

Check out the more info button below and see what I bring to the table and how I can help you accomplish your goals.

I can work as a full-time employee, a consultant, or on a project. Let's talk and see how my skill set, background, and fun personality can get it done!


Throughout my career in the entertainment industry, my leadership and relationship building have led to my recruitment into senior management roles of large-scale productions, shows, and other projects.


Comfortable on stage and behind the scenes I am a dynamic leader who leverages the fun side of the business and capitalizes on people’s strengths to raise groups to new heights.



I have been extremely fortunate in my career to work with so many amazing companies, clients, teams and projects. Here you will find many of these clients and some testimonials about my work with them. 

I am so grateful to all of them and look forward to adding your project to the list.





“Fun Getter Doner”… Visionary problem-solver dedicated to producing results, specialist in multi-facets of entertainment and operations… 


Kimball is a well-rounded Entertainment leader with 25+ years experience working as an  Executive Producer, Director, Creative Director, Technical director, GM, Multi-Venue oversight and more in show creation, show build, theming, new construction, casting, contracts, vendor oversight, marketing, ticketing, facilities, F&B, operations, production, tech, logistics, concert production and events for numerous large entertainment corporations World-Wide.


Kimball has an incredible ability to take an idea and bring it to fruition within scope and budget, he is a master of working with teams and all levels of involvement and conveying the overall project needs and desires. His vast knowledge supports him well in knowing how to relay messages creatively and technically, while still minding bottom-line business considerations and desired outcomes.

In all of Kimball’s past positions he has consistently increased metrics relating to increased revenue, profitability, creating additional revenue streams, entertainment value, cast and crew retention, sales, client boarding and retention, safety programs, food and beverage,   and more. He has successfully developed and implemented new shows, new builds projects, consulting on existing plans, reworked brands, increased brand reach, refined product strategies and discovered new niche entertainment avenues and strategic partnerships for companies of all sizes.  New technology including digital mapping, Immersive entertainment AR,VR,MR, Projection mapping operations.


Contact Me |  Tel: 904-386-8512

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